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Dr. Jason M. Shepard is a media law scholar and chair of the Department of Communications at Cal State Fullerton. Continue reading >>

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"It hits the audience well. It covers a lot of areas that I don't have time for in class. And it is easy to read."

"I have found this textbook to be perfectly pitched for the students I teach in terms of language and pace."

​"Through the lens of free-press theory, Shepard captures the competitive and complex tension between traditional (print) journalism's diminishing 'gatekeeping and agenda-setting roles,' and online journalism's largely unruly, unregulated blogosphere ... For those lacking a background in media (journalism) law, this chapter is a must read."

-Journal of Mass Media Ethics

​“This comprehensive litany of triumphs and failures ... pull(s) together the many threads that make up the stormy history of the journalists’ privilege into one compact volume. If I were still working at a law firm, I’d make it required reading for any new associates who want to practice media law.”

  • -Journalism and
    Mass Communication Quarterly

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